Guidelines for Donation Requests

Schnucks is deeply committed to the communities we serve with our current focus on three key areas:

HUNGER – through our year ‘round, often daily, donations of food in partnership with key hunger relief organizations like Operation Food Search in St. Louis…

HUMAN SERVICES – through our generous support of the United Way and the agencies we fund through them…

HEALTH & WELLNESS – through our robust pharmacy programs and other key initiatives led by our team of registered dieticians.

In addition to these major causes, we contribute a total of nearly $2 million annually to the hundreds of organizations that currently participate in our Schnucks eScrip Fundraising Program. If your group is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization, please check to see if you qualify. This is the cornerstone of our giving program and is the best way for organizations to receive support from Schnucks.

Although the majority of our resources are committed to the programs described above, we also try to modestly assist on a grass-roots level whenever possible. Please understand that these remaining resources are limited, however, and priority will be given to requests that align with our company’s key focus areas.

Before submitting any request, please understand that we can only consider requests from organizations having 501(c)(3) not-for-profit tax exempt status and that we need a minimum of eight weeks advanced notice in order to have time to properly consider the many requests we receive.

Before submitting any request, please be sure that your request is appropriate and is not among the following list of events/requests that we are unable to support:

  • Requests for cash or grants (Our donations are typically in-kind rather than financial.)
  • Requests for donations of alcohol and/or liquor
  • Capital campaigns
  • Golf tournaments
  • Galas, celebrations, or recognition dinners
  • Individual assistance (We are only able to support qualified agencies that, in turn, provide assistance to individuals and families.)
  • Fundraisers or benefits for individual people or families and/or events in memory of individual people or families.
  • Third party fundraisers (Because we directly support many not-for-profit organizations, we are unable to also provide resources for others who are raising money for these same organizations.)
  • Seminars, conferences, workshops, or reunions
  • Employee recognition/appreciation events
  • Government agencies that are supported by city, county, state or federal tax dollars
  • Organizations already receiving support through the United Way

Now that you have reviewed our guidelines and requirements, please click on the "Register" button at the top of this page, enter your email address, and follow the instructions on the screen to submit any appropriate request.